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The United Jewish Foundation (EIN: 38-1360585) is a grant making foundation which supports a number of Jewish and pro-Israel causes.

The foundation is a major donor to the US based Friends of the Israel Defense Forces, the US body that sends funds to the Israeli Association for the Wellbeing of Israel's Soldiers. Between 2002-2012 the foundation donated $511,784 to the FIDF.[1]

Foundation Grantees

Organisations supported by the United Jewish Foundation include:

Access Middle East, American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) Affirmations Lesbian and Gay Community Center, Aish Hatorah, Allied Jewish Campaign, Alon Center, American Committee for the Weizmann Institute of Science, American Friends of Hebrew University, American Friends of Hebrew University, American Friends of Koret Israel Economic Development, American Friends of Neve Shalom Wahat Al-Sala, American Friends of Orr Shalo, American Friends of Ponevez Yeshiva In Israel, American Friends of The Israel Museum, American Friends of Uvnot Ulehibanot, American Friends Of Yeshivat Kerem B'yavneh, American Friends of Zvi Latzadik Breslov Research, America-Israel Cultural Foundation, American Israel Education Foundation, American Jewish Committee, American Jewish Congress, American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, American Jewish World Service, American Ort Federation, American Society for Technion, American Society for Yag Vashem, American Society of the University of Haifa, American-Israel Cultural Foundation, Anti-Defamation League, Association of Concern for Ultimate Reality And Meaning, Bar-Ilan University, Birthright Israel Foundation, B'nai Brith, B'nai Brith Youth Organization, Brandeis University, Business & Professional People for the Public, Central Fund For Israel, Counterterrorism & Security Education And Research Foundation (Ctserf) Doctors Without Borders, Friends Of The Israel Defense Forces, Hadassah, Harvard Business School, Harvard Law School Association, Hebrew University Of Jerusalem, Heritage Foundation, International Institute For Secular Judaism, Israel Emergency Alliance, Israel Emergency Solidarity Fund, Israel Policy Forum, Jewish National Fund, Kadima, Kollel Institute, Labor Zionist Alliance, New Israel Fund, One Israel Fund, Oxfam America, PEF Israel Endowment Funds, People For The American Way Foundation, Planned Parenthood, Seeds Of Peace, Simon Wiesenthal Center, Southern Poverty Law Center, U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, Unicef, United Israel Appeal, US Holocaust Memorial Museum, Women's American Ort, World Jewish Congress, World Union For Progressive Judaism, Yale University, Zionist Organization Of America


Directors (circa 2013)

Peter M. Alter (DIrector) | Eugene M. Applebaum (Director) | Pamela Applebaum (Vice President) | Ronald M. Applebaum (Director) | James Bellinson (Director) | Michael E. Berger (Treasurer) | Mandell L. Berman (Director) | Dennis S. Bernard (Officer at Large) | Douglas A. Bloom (Director) | Penny B. Blumenstein (Director) | Avern L. Cohn (Director) | Robert S. Colburn (Director) | Sandra Muskovitz Danto (Director)| Scott A. Eisenberg (Director) | Douglas Etkin (Director) | Phillip W.M. Fisher (Director) | Elyse Essick Foltyn (Vice President) | Mindi Fynke (Director) | Conrad L. Giles (Director) | Diane Goldstein (Director) | Nancy Grosfeld (Director) | Cheryl Guyer (Director) | Margot Halperin (Director) | Mark R. Hauser (Director) | Doreen Hermelin (Director) | Michael Horowitz (Director) | Lee Hurwitz (Director) | Lawrence S. Jackier (Director) | Alan J. Kaufman (Vice President) | Scott Kaufman (CEO and Secretary) | Bernard Kent (Director) | Jason Klein (Director) | Mark Kowaksky (Director) | Mathew B. Lester (Director) | Robb Lippitt (Director) | Lisa I. Liss (Director) | Beverly Liss (Director) | Rabbi Harold Loss (Director) | Michael W. Maddin (Director) | Florine Mark (Director) | Edward Meer (Director) | Jeremy J. Modell (Director) | Howard Morof (Director) | Allan Nachman (Director) | Robert H. Naftaly (Director) | Larry M. Nemer (Director) | Terry Nosan (Director) | Joshua F. Opperer (Director) | Graham A. Orley (Director) | Marcie Orley (Director) | David K. Page (Director) | Norman A. Pappas (Director) | Michael B. Perlman (Director) | Jack A. Robinson (Director) | Benjamin F. Rosenthal (President Elect) | Terri Farber Roth (Director) | Todd Sachse (President) | Steven F. Schlafer (Director) | Jeffrey Schlussel (Director) | Mark E. Schlussel (Director) | Karen Sosnick Schoenberg (Director) | Alan E. Schwartz (Director) | Alan S. Schwartz (Director) | Robert Slatkin (Director) | Ronald Sollish (Director) | Jeffrey P. Straus (Director) | Joel D. Tauber (Director) | Steven Weisberg (Vice President) | Lawrence A. Wolfe (Director) | Alan S. Zekelman (Vice President) | Nancy Adler (Director) |Norman Beitner (Director) | Roselyn Blanck (Director) | Stephen Eisenberg (Director) | Jeffrey Eisenshtadt (Director) | Robert Gordon UJF (Director) | Robert Kleiman (Director) | Lawrence Lax (Vice President) | Gary Shiffman (Director) | Brian Siegel (Director) | Neal Zalenko (Director) | Paula Goldman-Spinner (Director) | Robert Hertzberg (Director) | Betsy Heuer (Director) | Brian Kepes (Director) | Randie Levin (Director) | Randy Wetherimer (Director) | Rachel Wright (Director) | Dorothy Benyas (Chief Financial Officer) | Andrew Echt (Chief Financial Resource Development) | Howard Neistein (Chief Administrative Officer) | Theodore Cohen (Chief Marketing Officer) | Robert Aronson (Senior Development Director and Former CEO)


Address Circa 2013:
6735 Telegraph Road
Bloomfield Hills, MI
Phone: (248) 642-4260


  1. Data compiled from filings of Form 990s 2002 - 2013.