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Unite Against Terror was a group established in July 2005 in the wake of suicide bombings in London, Israel and Iraq, in support of a statement calling for "a global movement of citizens against terrorism."[1] It was sponsored by OpenDemocracy and Madrid11.net.[2]

The Alliance for Workers Liberty claimed that it was "a sub-group created by Labour Friends of Iraq." This was denied by Alan Johnson:[3]

First, it is not true that the UAT statement (http://www.unite-against-terror.com/) is a Labour Friends of Iraq venture. Of the organisers only myself and Jane Ashworth are involved in LFIQ. The blogs Harrys Place and Hak Mao, and an individual, Adrian Cohen, are the other organisers.
Second, I did not write the statement alone. Harry and I co-wrote it with help and input from other people.[4]

Johnson and the other organisers would go on to be involved in the similar Euston Manifesto group a year later.


Note most of the entries are individuals or organizations, but some instances may refer to a blog pen name.


Jane Ashworth | Alan Johnson | Adrian Cohen[5] |Hak Mao (blog) |Harry's Place (blog) | Simon Pottinger

Key Signatories

David Adler Corrie Allegro Anthony Barnett
Richard Bartholomew Ophelia Benson Daniel Berczik
Daphne Blake Brian Brivati Julie Burchill [1]
Adrian Cohen Nick Cohen Oliver Conant
Thomas Cushman Evan Matthew Daniel Alex Gordon
Helen Gray Abraham Greenwald Matt Grimsey
James Hanson Christopher Hitchens Gur Hirshberg
Marko Attila Hoare Horace Jeffery Hodges John Holroyd
Anita Hood Alan Johnson Melodie Johnson Howe
Bill Jonz Oliver Kamm Adam Katz
Bill Kerr Jeffrey Ketland Dan Lee
Colm Loughlin Omar (Iraq the Model) Robert F Mason
Alexander Meleagrou-Hitchens M Monarch Jonathan Moskowitz
Patrick Muldowney Patrick Neid Alan and Franziska Norman
Matthew Omolesky Ed Owen George Packer
Roberto Piccoli Stephen Pollard Simon Pottinger
Harry Rose David Sloan Frans de Smit
Merlijn de Smit Alan Sommerstein John Strawson
Santi Suthinithet Roger Syms George Szirtes
David T Peter Tatchell Richard Watson
Sue Vogel Andrew Ward Rosemary Welch
Thomas Wictor John Williams Barry York



Website: www.unite-against-terror.com


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