Marko Attila Hoare

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Marko Attila Hoare

Dr Marko Attila Hoare, the son of Branka Magaš and Quintin Hoare, is a senior research fellow at Kingston University London specialising in the history of South East Europe, in particular of Yugoslavia, Serbia and Bosnia-Hercegovina.


Hoare was born in 1972.[1]

He began studying the history of the former Yugoslavia in 1993.[1]

In 1994, he received a BA in History from the University of Cambridge.[2]

In the summer of 1995, he acted as translator for the aid convoy to the Bosnian town of Tuzla, organised by Workers Aid.[1]

in 1997, he received an MPhil History and MA History from Yale University. The following year, he received an MA in History from Cambridge.[2]

In 1997-1998, he worked in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Hercegovina. In the period 1998-2001, which included the 199 Kosovo war, he worked in Belgrade, Serbia.[1]

In 2000, Hoare received a Ph.D from the University of Yale.[2]

In January-February 2001, he worked as a research assistant at the Bosnian Institute. In February-September 2001, He was a Research Officer for the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia in 2001, and participated in the drafting of the indictment of Slobodan Milosevic.[1][2]

From 2001 to 2004, he was a British Academy Research Fellow at the University of Cambridge. From 2004 to 2006, he was a Research Fellow in the Faculty of History at the University of Cambridge.[2]

He is an advisory editor of Democratiya: The Labour Friends of Iraq Review of Books, and a member of the editorial board of Spirit of Bosnia, an international, interdisciplinary, bilingual, online journal.[3]


Hoare is a former advisory editor of Democratiya.[4]

Henry Jackson Society

Hoare was among the founders of the Henry Jackson Society in March 2005. He severed his connections with the Society in 2012 claiming it had degenerated and had changed beyond recognition from how it was when it was first established.[5]






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