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The Tax Professionals Forum was set up by the Coalition Government in July 2010 to oversee implementation of its reforms to the framework for developing tax policy and making tax law. It is chaired by the Exchequer Secretary David Gauke MP.


The Forum meets bi-annually. Gauke chaired its inaugural meeting on the 22nd September 2010. All members of the Forum were present.

Formal role

The Forum's remit is to support the Exchequer Secretary, HM Treasury and HMRC in identifying improvements to the way in which the Government makes tax policy, rather than provide a forum for debating specific policy issues. This includes consideration of:

  • the way in which policy is developed;
  • the way in which policy and changes in policy are communicated; and
  • the way in which policy is legislated and implemented. [1]


Members of the Forum:




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