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The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Pharmacy aims to 'raise awareness of the profession of pharmacy and to promote pharmacists’ current and potential contribution to the health of the nation.'[1]

In 2006 it was criticised by the Times for not adequately disclosing support from lobbying or PR firms, which 'list only the name of a lobbyist or public affairs consultant, and do not specify an ultimate client. This would appear to be a clear breach of parliamentary 1985 rules that state: “Where a public relations agency provides the assistance, the ultimate client should be named”.[2]

The September 2010 UK House of Commons register of All-Party Groups discloses that Luther Pendragon act as the group’s secretariat on behalf of the Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee, the National Pharmacy Association, the Company Chemists’ Association and the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain. [3]

As of July 2015 Luther Pendragon was still named as the group's secretariat.

Work and activities

The group looks at issues of current interest and significance for pharmacy, patients and the NHS. It holds meetings and investigations and invites expert speakers to explain their views and help shape the debate.

APPG progress in pharmacy inquiry

The group says it is currently undertaking an inquiry into where further progress may be made in the field of pharmacy. 'The hope is to help pharmacy realise its full potential in the provision of patient care and NHS services in an evolved healthcare landscape'.

The inquiry, as decided by chairman Sir Kevin Barron MP, will be based on roundtable discussions, and is strictly non-adversarial.

It wil look into issues concerning the new commissioning environment, contractual and funding arrangements, education, skills and training on top of patient and public awareness. [4]


Officers, September 2015-April 2016

Officers as at March 2015

Members as at March 2015

Rebecca Harris - Conservative Party | Penny Mordaunt - Conservative Party | Marcus Jones - Conservative Party | Sir David Amess - Conservative Party | David Tredinnick | Conservative Party | Lord Norman Fowler - Conservative Party | Adrian Sanders - Liberal Democrats | Stephen Lloyd - Liberal Democrats | Lord Timothy Clement-Jones - Liberal Democrats | Annette Brooke - Liberal Democrats | Gisela Stuart - Labour | Fiona Mactaggart - Labour | Frank Dobson - Labour | Grahame Morris - Labour | Lindsa Roy - Labour | Russell Brown - Labour | Mary Glindon - Labour | Ian Austin - Labour | Jim Dowd - Labour | Ian Lucas - Labour [9]


The chair for the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Pharmacy is Howard Stoate.[11] He was a speaker (in his role with the APPG on Pharmacy) at UniChem's annual Conference in Brazil, with transport and accomodation provided by UniChem.[12]

Secretariat and benefits

Registered in July 2015 (in bands of £1,500) Luther Pendragon received £25,501-27,000 in benefits to acts as the group's secretariat.

Luther Pendragon is funded by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, the Company Chemists Association, the National Pharmacy Association and the Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee to provide secretariat services and website management to the PAPPG. [5][6]


The public enquiry point for the group is Jack Colson of the secretariat Luther Pendragon.

Address: 3 Priory Court, Pilgrim Street, London EC4V 6DE

Tel: 020 7618 9100



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