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LM network resources
Audacity, an LM network project

Audacity is associated with the libertarian, anti-environmental LM network. It says it argues for accelerating and advancing development to support the benefits of British and international population growth, promotes high levels of immigration, and applauds greater social aspiration. We believe in expanding political freedoms to build a material world fit for humanity.[1]

In April 2010 it headed its home page with an advertisement for James Heartfield's book, Let's Build! Why we need five million new homes in the next 10 years.[2]

It was launched in 2000 [3] and opposes environmental restraints on development: in April 2010 its website homepage carried the strapline, "Environmentalism is the ideology of capitalism in retreat from production".[4] It offered to help clients "advocate development of the man-made environment, free from the burden of 'sustainababble' and 'communitwaddle'".[5]

It offers the following services:[6]

  • Writing articles for the trade or wider press
  • Brokering research projects to their contacts
  • Publishing research papers
  • Authoring and editing books for publishers
  • Speaking at events and arranging speakers
  • Suggesting lecturers and tutors for courses
  • Reporting on conferences and seminars
  • Organising exhibitions and events.


LM network associates include:[7][8]


Audacity events are typically sponsored by building suppliers, including the Modern Masonry Alliance, Reglit Glazing, and Hunter Douglas Quadroclad.[9]

Audacity event sponsors, screengrab taken 28 April 2010


8 College Close, Hackney,
London, E9 6ER,
Phone: 07947 621 790,
Company No. 03909706


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