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The UK All-Party Parliamentary Furniture Industry Group was set up:

'To raise awareness of the furniture industry and to publicise and promote the industry in the UK in order to protect jobs and investment.'[1]


The cross-party group discusses issues and problems involving the furniture industry, such as the economic recovery, small business lending and fire regulation.[2]

Re-establishment after 2015 general election

The group was reformed in June 2015. Chairman of the British Furniture Confederation, Paul von der Heyde said:

'I'm very pleased to confirm that the APPFIG has been successfully re-established following the General Election. The Group provides a valuable forum to discuss issues of importance to the furniture, furnishings and bed industry, including biomass subsidies, apprenticeships and flammability regulations. I wish the Group the best in its work over this Parliament, and am excited to be working with Members going forwards.'[3]


Officers, Feb-April 2016

Officers, September 2015



The British Furniture Confederation, a furniture trade association, pays lobbying firm Brevia Consulting to act as the group's secretariat, funding the group's activities and administration.

Registered benefits

Brevia Consulting received (in bands of £1,500) £22,501-£24,000 for 2015-16.[1]



Will Smith of Brevia is the group's public enquiry point.

Address: 5 Salamanca Place, London SE1 7HP

Tel: 020 7091 1650



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