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== Directors ==
== Directors ==
*[[Chris Sorek]] Chief Executive from November 2008 <ref> The Publican [http://www.thepublican.com/story.asp?sectioncode=7&storycode=61928&c=1 Drinkaware Trust appoints new chief executive] accessed 1st May 2009 </ref>
*[[John Dunsmore]]
*[[John Dunsmore]]
*[[Christopher Searle]]
*[[Christopher Searle]]

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Formerly the Portman Group's charitable division, the new Drinkaware Trust (Drinkaware) was established 1st January 2007 as part of the on going alcohol harm reduction strategy in England. The trust is Governed by 13 independent Trustees with backgrounds ranging from alcohol experts from the health, education and voluntary sectors and from within the drinks industry. Drinkaware's mission is to construct and implement an alcohol harm reduction programme and to promote responsible drinking. The alcohol industry has pledged £12 million to the charity over the next three years and will also throw its significant weight behind promoting the charity’s consumer information website www.drinkaware.co.uk in advertising, at point of sale and on product labels.[1]

Details of the expectations for the trust were set out in a memorandom of understanding between ThePortman Group, the Department of Health, the Home Office, Scottish Executive, Welsh Assembly and the Northern Ireland Office. The following details have been taken from the memorandum: [2]

The existing Trust (being the charitable arm of The Portman Group) is seen by both Government and industry as an appropriate starting point for developing a new and independent fund, as set out in the Alcohol Harm Reduction Strategy for England. Noting that the "Drinkaware" brand has already begun to establish itself in the public's consciousness, it is essential that this be retained as the consumer-facing brand of the Trust.
The new Trust will be an independent body operating across the UK, which will require the support of a wide range of industry and non-industry stakeholders to be successful. As part of ensuring the stakeholder buy-in to the new Trust, the new Board of Trustees could consider assigning a new name. The trust will be governed by a Board of thirteen Trustees, comprised as follows: five non-Industry Trustees from health, education, youth and community work law or academia with an interest in alcohol; five industry trustees, two members with no current professional interests who could contribute fundraising or marketing experience from other sectors; and one independent chair with a proven track record in CSR and in chairing, launching and/or growing a similar scale business and/or charitable organisation in another sector. None of the trustees would REPRESENT any particular body or group - each would have obligations to represent only the interests of the Trust itself.
Relevant Government Departments will send observers to the meetings of the Board of Trustees, which will include the Devolved Administrations, but the Government has no formal role in the governance of the Trust. The new Trustees will recruit a new Chief Executive. There will be no shared administrative or staffing functions with The Portman Group. The new Trustees will secure an early separation from shared location with the Portman Group - the permanent Chief Executive will present options for separation within six months of appointment.
The member companies of The Portman Group (TPG) agree that they will provide core funding to the Trust at the levels specified in the projected budgets, and that TPG will work to secure further investment in the Trust from the wider industry. The aim is to secure an annual budget of at least £5m by Year 3, starting with £3m in Year 1, rising to £4m in Year 2. The aim in the first three years is for Trust to aspire to attract funding from as broad a base of support as possible.
In line with the partnership approach, Government (including the devolved administrations) will consider 'in-kind' technical support to the Trust. Following normal procurement protocols, the new Trust will be free to tender in open competition on the same basis as other organisations for relevant Government departmental contracts to deliver public education campaigns on alcohol issues.


Critics have claimed that the funding of the trust is inadequate to tackle the extent of the growing rates of alcohol related harm in the UK. The aim of securing £5 million in three years falls short of Alcohol Concern's expectations who believe £20 million a year would be needed for the trust to fulfil its responsibilities. ALthough, this too probably falls short when we consider that marketing by the drinks industry for 2004 between £600m and £800m with estimates that of this £200m to £250m was spent on advertising. Further criticisms of the trust emphasise the reliance on industry for funding and argue that an independent body would be a more appropriate mechanism for change. Questions over who should serve on the board of trustees, and how independent trustees can be when recieving alcohol industry money are central to the debate. [3]

Projects & Partners

The Drinkaware Trust works with the Scottish Executive in the Partnership Agreement: Scottish Executive and the Alcohol Industry. This partnership involves representatives of the alcohol industry working with the Scottish Executive with the aim of reducing alcohol misuse and related consequences.





Non-Industry Lay Trustees

Former Trustees


The Drinkaware Trust is supported by voluntary donations from across the alcohol drinks industry, including producers, pub companies and retailers. The aim is to secure an annual budget of at least £5 million within 3 years, from as broad a base of support as possible.


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