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S&N CEO John Dunsmore

John Dunsmore is an important member of Scottish & Newcastle's (S&N) board. Not only does Dunsmore have extensive knowledge and experience of the alcohol industry he features on the board of influential groups organised on behalf of the industry to promote their aims and objectives. Dunsmore is currently chair of the British Beer and Pub Association, a position formerly held by his S&N colleague Sir Brian Stewart. He is also a director of the Portman Group and The Drinkaware Trust the charitable wing of the Portman Group trusted by the Westminster Government to impose self regulation and responsible practice within the industry. Dunsmore is not alone in his dual roles as advocate of the licensed trade and alcohol harm reduction strategist many other board members of large alcohol companies are also directors of the Portman Group and the The Drinkaware Trust. As of November the 1st Dunsmore took over from Tony Froggat as CEO of S&N.


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John Dunsmore holds several directorships in firms and other organisations the following list was compiled from information available on the FAME business database.


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