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Sir Brian Stewart

Sir Brian Stewart is the current chair of C and C Group a brewer based in the UK and Ireland that produce some large international brands such as Magners and Bulmers ciders, Tennents beers among others. He is also Chairman of Miller Group, the housing, property and construction company. [1] Stewart was appointed to the Scottish & Newcastle Board in 1988. Having qualified as a chartered accountant, he joined S&N in 1976 and has worked in a variety of positions, becoming Finance Director in 1988, and Chief Executive in 1991. He was appointed Deputy Chairman in 1997 and Chairman in 2000. He is former Chairman of Standard Life Assurance Company and former Vice President of the British Beer and Pub Association.[2] Stewart had to leave either Standard Life or S&N as chairing two FTSE 100 companies contravenes City corporate governance rules. Ending his long-running dual chairmanship and rare position among Scotland's corporate elite. Stewart came in 5th in the 2006 Scotsman power 100. [3]

Stewart is described by the Scotsman as a 'ubiquitous member of the Scottish establishment and boardroom heavyweight Stewart is usually drafted in as a sign that a company is no longer tolerating any nonsense when it comes to corporate governance'. In addition to a basic salary and free beer, Scottish & Newcastle pay Stewart a £190,000 performance-related bonus and £30,000 in benefits, plus a share of a £1 million with other brewery directors. He came in at number 50 in the Scotsman's top 100 earners page in 2003 with his chairmanship of Standard Life, from which he has since stepped down from; and his S&N wage giving him an annual income of £906,753. [4]

In 2006 Stewart received the highest remuneration of all the S&N non-executive board members with a huge £348,682 and £28,682 worth of 'benefits in kind' which include his alcohol allowance. [5]


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