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Below is a list of persons who have attended more than one event on terrorism at influential think-tanks. Below the table is a second listing the events consulted.

Elite Conference List

Name Number of events attended
Musa Admani4
Humayun Ansari2
Daniel Benjamin2
Mia Bloom3
Peter Clarke3
Lindsay Clutterbuck2
Boaz Ganor4
Loretta Napoleoni2
Peter R Neumann2
Kevin O’Brien2
Jonathan Paris2
Tariq Ramadan2
Olivier Roy2
Michael Scheuer2
Asim Siddiqui2
Steve Simon3
Anne Speckhard3
Rhiannon Talbot3
Robert Whalley4

List of Events Consulted

Title of event Host Date
Terrorism and U.S. Foreign PolicyBrookings Institution25 April 2001
Attack Against America - Our Next StepsCouncil on Foreign Relations20 September 2001
Terrorism and the New US Foreign Policy: Views from AbroadCouncil on Foreign Relations26 September 2001
Understanding the War on Terrorism: Implications for American Foreign PolicyCouncil on Foreign Relations07 November 2001
America’s Foreign Policy: Tradition and the War on TerrorismCouncil on Foreign Relations14 November 2001
How Did This Happen? Terrorism and the New WarCouncil on Foreign Relations17 December 2001
Rule Of Law: Keeping the Balkans Free of al QaedaCouncil on Foreign Relations13 February 2002
What Should Be Our Overall Strategy In Dealing With Terrorism?Council on Foreign Relations29 May 2002
Phase III in the War on Terrorism? Challenges and OpportunitiesBrookings Institution14 May 2003
Fighting the Financing of Terrorism: Developing a SuccessfulJamestown Foundation16 March 2004
The Iraqi Insurgency and al-QaedaJamestown Foundation10 July 2004
Nuclear Terrorism: The Ultimate Preventable CatastropheCouncil on Foreign Relations27 September 2004
Islam in a Changing WorldCouncil on Foreign Relations15 November 2004
Insurgency and Jihad: The Iraqi Theater and BeyondJamestown Foundation11 April 2005
How to be Effective in Counter-TerrorismBrookings Institution15 April 2005
American Counterterrorism: The Secret History and Uncertain FutureCouncil on Foreign Relations01 June 2005
Terrorism in the UKRoyal United Services Institute22 June 2005
How To Win the War Against TerrorismBrookings Institution22 September 2005
Global War on Terror Series: The War on Terror—Are We Losing?Council on Foreign Relations17 November 2005
Are We Winning the War on Terrorism? A Report from AfghanistanBrookings Institution19 January 2006
Politics & Terrorism 2006 - 16 Febuary 2006Royal United Services Institute16 February 2006
International Terrorism: Dimensions and ResponseCouncil on Foreign Relations05 April 2006
Evolving Tactics of Terrorism?International Institute of Strategic Studies06 July 2006
Whitehall Dialogue: Counter-Terrorism: Its Impact on the Craft of IntelligenceRoyal United Services Institute29 September 2006
Understanding Suicide Terrorism Royal United Services Institute03 November 2006
Transnational Terrorism: Defeating the Threat Royal United Services Institute10 November 2006
Intelligence and the Sociology of TerrorismRoyal United Services Institute8-9 December 2006
Politics and TerrorismRoyal United Services Institute1 4-15 February 2007
Countering Suicide TerrorismRoyal United Services Institute06 March 2007
Female Suicide Bombing and EuropeInternational Institute of Strategic Studies12 March 2007
The Algiers Bombings: Al-Qaeda's Resurgence in North AfricaJamestown Foundation17 April 2007
Terrorism in the UK: A Workshop on RadicalisationRoyal United Services Institute02 May 2007
Al Qaeda Rising?Council on Foreign Relations01 June 2007
Jacobson: Europe’s New Terror ThreatCouncil on Foreign Relations25 July 2007
A Conversation with Michael HaydenCouncil on Foreign Relations07 September 2007
7th International ConferenceInternational Institute for Counter Terrorism8-11 September 2007
Al-Qaeda and the Threat to the American HomelandCouncil on Foreign Relations12 September 2007
Islamic Movements in Iraqi KurdistanJamestown Foundation17 September 2007
The Long War on Terrorism and Struggle Against ExtremismBrookings Institution19 September 2007
Prepared Remarks by the FBI's Robert Mueller Council on Foreign Relations28 September 2007
MI5 Director General's Speech on Intelligence, Counter-Terrorism and TrustCouncil on Foreign Relations05 November 2007
The Future of Radical Islam in EuropeCouncil on Foreign Relations06 November 2007
The Al-Qaeda TriangleJamestown Foundation05 December 2007