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Terence Mordaunt is co-owner of the cargo handling business Bristol Port Company.

He and businessman David Ord bought the Port of Bristol from Bristol City Council in 1991.

Top Brexit 'leave' donor

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According to Business Insider, the pair have given over £640,000 to the Conservative Party since 2001. The Sunday Times listed Mordaunt as one of the top 21 pro-Brexit donors.[1]

In 2019, their company gave both Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt £25,000 each for their campaigns to win the Tory party leadership race.

Joins board of climate sceptic think tank

In April 2017 Mordaunt joined the board of the Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF) think tank run by Nigel Lawson. Other board members include British businessmen Edward Atkin CBE and Neil Record. [2]

Asked in 2019 about his involvement with the organisation, Mordaunt said the Global Warming Policy Foundation “gets a lot of stick” but “does a lot of good work”. He told openDemocracy that:

'No one has proved yet that carbon dioxide is the culprit (of climate change). It may not be. If you ask me should we just put carbon dioxide in the air I would say ‘no’. And that is the stance of the Global Warming Policy Foundation. It is a credible theory,” Mordaunt said.
Asked if he would like to see the UK government change its policy on climate change, he said: “There is one thing for certain. Electricity bills are about 20 per cent higher than they would be…I worry about electricity costs, particularly for the port".'

Family links

Mordaunt is a family relative of UK defence secretary Penny Mordaunt.[3]

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