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Welcome to the Water Portal on Powerbase

NB please note this portal has been archived as most of its related pages have not been updated since Powerbase's water project ended in 2010.

Welcome to the Water Portal on Powerbase—your guide to networks of power, lobbying and deceptive PR within the water industry.

Our water portal tracks and profiles global and regional governing institutions, lobby associations, policy planning organisations, think tanks and agents involved in the water industry. It includes those of a pro-privatisatisation persuasion but also those who are promoting an alternative vision orientated towards publicly owned and participatory systems.


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The Water Debate

Water is vital to life. It is the essential component in all aspects and activities related to our well-being and existence – including food and energy production and manufacturing in general. It’s clear that if our water supply continues to dwindle, and/or, if water became unaffordable, our lives would be detrimentally transformed. Billions of people are already experiencing and suffering from the mismanagement and unequal allocation of water. Between 1.1 and 1.5 billion people in the world lack access to safe drinking water and 2.6 billion people lack access to basic sanitation. 2.2 million people die each year due to low quality drinking water and/or lack of sanitation – that is 42,000 people per week, 90 percent of whom are children (WHO/UNICET:2005). Exclusion to socially necessary goods and services such as fresh water has horrific consequences that are catastrophic, yet entirely preventable.

The struggle over fresh water goods and services has taken the form of a conflict over increasing commercialisation, privatisation and liberalisation. This struggle takes place in an era of economic globalisation where neoliberal policies transform all forms of social reproduction so that all goods and services that were once held in common (things such as fresh water, education and healthcare etc.) are increasingly exposed to the free market and in many cases transformed into a form of private property.

This regulatory shift – from public to private – is by no means inevitable. The processes that facilitate this shift are a direct result of political and corporate elites exercising their power and will, through an organised network of connections, in order to achieve the free market conditions that are necessary to expand the reach of capital.

The Water Portal of Powerbase intends to expose and document the links between the political and corporate water elites. Contributions will ultimately reveal the elite social structure within which these elites operate, thus exposing the global water industry accordingly.


  • Economic globalisation and the increasing commercialisation of fresh water goods and services: deregulation, commodification, privatisation and liberalisation
  • Public versus private provision of fresh water goods and services
  • Water scarcity: a real crisis or an imbalance between production, distribution and consumption in the context of global capitalism?
  • Transnational water corporations and the enclosure of the fresh water commons
  • The water lobby
  • Global governance of the local commons
  • Water and human rights


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References and Resources

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Water Websites:

Right to Water Launched by the Blue Planet Project, this is an excellent website with an extensive list of water resources.

Blue Planet Project A global initiative working with partners around the world to achieve the goal of water justice.

Council of Canadians Canada’s largest citizen’s organisation which promotes progressive policies in their numerous campaigns including, water, health care, trade, energy, food and peace amongst others.

On the Commons A network of citizens and organisations that champions the cause of the commons on many fronts.

Watertime A research project funded by the European Commission and carried out by various research Partners including PSIRU

Water Justice Waterjustice.org is focused on alternatives to water privatisation and how to finance public water, it is a virtual resource centre and meeting place for exchanging experiences, debate and strategies.

European Federation of Public Sector Unions (EPSU) EPSU represents Europe’s water and sewerage workers in both public and private companies

Id21 The natural resources Water Page of id21 is a research reporting service, bringing you UK-sourced research on developing countries.

Publications Waterwiki UN Waterwiki with various resources and used as a knowledge "map" and on-line collaboration platform for Water Practitioners Worldwide

Water Webster A web portal offering news and information about water today

[1] A website, managed by the Foundation For Water Research, providing information relating to the Water Framework Directive.

IFIwatchnet.org A website dedicated to monitoring the activities of the International Financial Institutions.

Bretton Woods Project Critical Voices on the World Bank and IMF

Water Journals

Water Alternatives An Inter-Disciplinary Journal on Water, Politics and Development

Law, Justice and Social Development Water Issue

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Book/Film and Article Reviews

Kane, T, and Mitchell, K, Review of 'Blue Gold: World Water Wars' Scottish Left Review

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