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A major player in the global water industry, Margaret Catley-Carlson has held many high-ranking positions in both global governing institutions as well as corporations. Her close ties to industry calls attention to her ardent support of private sector participation within the creation of a global water market. At a speech to the United Nations in 2007, Carlson pronounced her support for the commercialization of fresh water goods and services suggesting:

Far too many people insist that “Water should be no cost/low cost”. Many who advocate that water is a Human Right insist that it must be free. The relevant UN resolution says it should be ‘affordable’ (ECOSOC, 2002). While subsidy is essential to protect the poor, paying enough to keep the pipes and reservoirs of the system going is essential in countries with no tax base, few government revenues and other priorities for aid Euros "[1]

Carlson is chair of the Global Water Partnership (GWP) – a policy network that pushes a privation agenda through the promotion of the Dublin Principles. The Global Water Partnership is a forum for alliance building amongst those in favour of a global water market. Carlson, an Officer of the Order of Canada, has held the following high-profile positions including:[2][3]


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