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Anglian Water Services Ltd (part of awg plc) www.anglianwater.co.uk Bournemouth & West Hampshire Water plc www.bwhwater.co.uk Bristol Water plc www.bristolwater.co.uk Cambridge Water plc www.cambridge-water.co.uk Cholderton & District Water Company * no website Dee Valley Water plc www.deevalleygroup.com

Essex & Suffolk Water (part of Northumbrian Water Ltd) www.eswater.co.uk Folkestone & Dover Water Services Ltd www.fdws.co.uk Jersey Water * www.jerseywater.je Mid Kent Water plc www.midkentwater.co.uk

Northumbrian Water Ltd www.nwl.co.uk Portsmouth Water plc www.portsmouthwater.co.uk

South East Water Ltd www.southeastwater.co.uk South Staffordshire Water plc www.south-staffs-water.co.uk South West Water Ltd www.swwater.co.uk Southern Water www.southernwater.co.uk States of Guernsey Water Board * www.gov.gg Sutton & East Surrey Water plc www.waterplc.com Tendring Hundred Water Services Ltd www.thws.co.uk

Three Valleys Water plc www.3valleys.co.uk

Yorkshire Water Services Ltd www.yorkshirewater.com

  • - not members of Water UK

Website: http://www.water.org.uk/home