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51.510912, -0.138302, Social Affairs Unit

The Social Affairs Unit on Regent Street describes itself as a research and educational trust that addresses social, economic and cultural issues with "an emphasis on the value of personal responsibility". It was originally founded by the neo-liberal Institute of Economic Affairs, which is reflected in its interest in "a critical evaluation of the welfare state" and the "English disdain for entrepreneurship and affluence and what - if anything - we ought to do about them". It publishes the right wing, political monthly magazine Standpoint.

51.511952, -0.108341, International Policy Network

The International Policy Network is one of a number of right-wing think tanks that “misrepresent the science of climate change," according to the Royal Society. It used to receive funding from oil company, Exxon, which was stopped in 2007 following criticism. Julian Morris, Executive Director of the IPN is an ardent advocate of free markets and has openly opposed attempts to mitigate climate change. Morris co-authored Global Warming: Apocalypse or Hot Air?, dismissed as “hard to take seriously”, by Sir Crispin Tickell, the Prime Minister’s chief environmental advisor.

51.500437, -0.129955, Policy Exchange

A stone's throw from Parliament is the neoconservative think tank, the Policy Exchange. It has close links to the Tory party including leader, David Cameron. Its ideas include doubling the motorway network, cutting benefits and letting business run the welfare state.

51.496342, -0.128048, Centre for Policy Studies

Two minutes from Parliament, the Centre for Policy Studies is a free market think tank set up by, among others, Margaret Thatcher in the mid seventies to spread its ideals around the political establishment. In 2006 it was accused of being part of a disinformation campaign when its director, Ruth Lea, suggested that we need not worry about climate change.

51.496865, -0.126975, Institute of Economic Affairs

Described as "the oldest and biggest daddy" of all London's think tanks, the Institute of Economic Affairs, exists to propagate the ideas of free markets and privatisation. It has been going for nearly 50 years, and advises governments all over the world on ways to denationalise and bring in market systems. Since the early nineties it has warned that 'green' policies would lead to an 'ecological hell' and a plummeting standard of living.

51.495217, -0.138663, 2020health

2020health centre right think tank focused on health and social care reform.

51.497054, -0.134905, Centre for Social Justice

The Centre for Social Justice is a think tank established by Iain Duncan Smith MP in 2004, to seek solutions to poverty. Seen as part of the infrastructure of the conservative movement in Britain.

51.49678, -0.128966, Reform

Reform is a free market think-tank, which believes in liberalising the public sector, breaking monopoly and extending choice.

51.516928, -0.109368, ResPublica

ResPublica is a think-tank established in 2009 by Phillip Blond, described as someone who has "bewitched the Tory high command".

51.510526, -0.128187, Politeia

Politeia is a Westminster based think tank that generally supports free-market based initiatives.

51.4972, -0.128387, Social Market Foundation

Social Market Foundation is a think tank that attempts to develop ideas based on a fusion of the two themes of social justice and neo-liberal economics. It has provided "the intellectual battering ram" for the government in campaigns to increase competition in public services.

51.503106, -0.135047, Global Warming Policy Foundation

Global Warming Policy Foundation is a think tank set up to challenge, what it calls "extremely damaging and harmful policies" envisaged by governments to mitigate man-made global warming.

51.497937, -0.129351, Adam Smith Institute

Adam Smith Institute is a "free-market" think tank and a key proponent of privatization, including of the National Health service.

51.496689, -0.132312, Centre for Social Cohesion

Centre for Social Cohesion is a think tank set up by Civitas. Its main focus has to do with discussing and analyzing the best means to integrate or assimilate ethnic minorities.