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ResPublica calls itself 'an independent, non-partisan public policy think-tank' it was established in 2009 by Phillip Blond.[1]

The think tank says it works 'on a variety of cutting edge research projects, such as examining how the UK can develop more innovative public services by empowering front-line professionals and their client communities'.[2] An article in the Sunday Times about Phillip Blond is subtitled:

The radical thinker who has bewitched the Tory high command with his ‘third way’ tells how he could make the Conservatives the party of the poor and mend broken Britain.[3]

Unusually for a think tank, ResPublica is set up as a private company which means that it is able to make a profit.[4] Think tanks are usually set up as not for profit organisations.


ResPublica started declaring some of its funders in its 2012 annual accounts, which list organisations and individuals that gave more than £10,000:

Home GroupMonsterBingo AssociationRoyal Institute of British Architects • One anonymous organisation.

Total funding for the year ending 31/3/12 was: £244,225.

Funders in 2013 included:





Phillip Blond, Director | Asheem Singh, Deputy Director | Kim Mandeng, External Relations Manager | Adam Schoenborn, Senior Researcher | Sandra Gruescu, Senior Researcher | Samuel Middleton, Researcher | Nicolas Clark-Majerus, Research Assistant | Emma Gordon, Research Assistant | Caroline MacFarland, Research Assistant | Matt Norton, Research Assistant[5]

Advisory Board

Anthony Browne | Greg Clark | Stuart Etherington | James Forsyth | Zac Goldsmith | John Hayes[6]


Stephen Lloyd | Lawrence Bloom | Simon Caulkin | Tim Cowen | Diane Coyle | Gail Greengross | David Hawkins | Indy Johar | Danny Kruger | Barry C. Lynn | Ed Mayo | John Milbank | Margareta Pagano | Jules Peck | Nicholas Rengger | Alan Riley | Roger Scruton | John Seddon | Roger Steare | Diogo Vasconcelos | Simon Willis | Steve Wyler | Rowena Young[7]





Respublica Policy Limited
One Plough Place
Phone:020 7438 2637



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