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Diane Coyle is former Treasury economist with extensive links and memberships across the Neo-Liberal sphere. She has written numerous books and articles.[1] Her most recent collaboration was the book New Wealth for Old Nations which she co-edited with ex Scottish executive Minister Wendy Alexander and her husband Brian Ashcroft who is the director of the Fraser of Allander Institute. Both Alexander and Coyle are members of the British American Project. She also wrote a book called Sex Drugs and Economics, its aim being, apparently, to demonstrate how economics can be fun! She is head of the consultancy Enlightenment Economics[2]

Diane Coyle was the Economics Editor of The Independent newspaper (UK) between 1993 and 2001. She has a PhD from Harvard.[3]


She is also: an alumnus of the British American Project

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  • 1997 - The Weightless World
  • 2001 - Paradoxes of Prosperity
  • 2002 - Sex, Drugs and Economics
  • 2005 - New Wealth for Old Nations: Scotlands Economic Prospects
  • 2007 - The Soulful Science: What The Economists Really Do And Why It Matters


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