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Richard the Lionheart is the alleged pseudonym of a counterjihad activist claimed by Paul Ray to have been involved in early meetings of the English Defence League in 2009.[1]

Ray, whose own blog is called Lionheart, has claimed that "Richard the Lionheart" was present at a July 2009 meeting with Ann Marchini and Alan Lake:

As you will see there was a man present at that meeting who called himself ‘Richard the Lionheart’, it is the same man who posts on Jihad Watch under that alias. He is a big ginger haired guy from London, and if my memory serves me correctly he was more militant about the anti-jihad movement and that violence was the way forward, but don’t quote me on that as it was 2 ½ years ago and only a 2 hour meeting which is why it slipped my mind until my mind was jogged on Friday night.[2]

Ray had previously denied claims that he himself was the "Richard (the Lionhearted)" who Utoeya Killer Anders Breivik described as his mentor.[3]

Jihad Watch

A Commenter using the name "Richard the Lionheart" left Comments including the following on a December 2008 Jihad Watch post:

I truly believe that the only thing left for the West to stop Islamisation is all out War.
Robert Spencer and Geert Wilders are going down the 'oral' route and this thread has proven just where this is taking us.[4]
Although my name maybe Richard the Lionheart, I am a proud Scotsman and a proud Brit with ancestry from all over the UK and Ireland. This is my home and if needs be I will defend it with my life, even if it means going against the establishment. The word Nationalism has taken a battering by the dominant left wing who have continually attacked it for being their greatest enemy. They have sullied and lambasted its good name as it is their arch enemy. They are trying to destry the Nation State and have been trying since the early '20's.[4]
I have ideas and workings on the go. I am in the blueprints of a website/forum(being a former web designer and Flash Animator, along with other gaming packages). There is also the idea of forming an Islamist Awareness Movement too, to draw attention to Islamisation of the UK.
Dumbledoresarmy has given me some very good alleyways to take, but I haven't done so as of yet, due to family business I have to deal with.[4]
Regarding the Incitement to Religious Hatred Bill have a look here for some useful points about it and from here for the actual bill by government.
Daveygreybeard, look at it this way, the British police will arrest the blogger Lionheart for stating what you and I have about Islam when he comes back to Britain. He could face seven years imprisonment under the bill.[4]


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