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The Reuben Foundation, formed in October 2002, is a UK-registered charity that was created to channel the charitable giving of the Reuben Brothers. [1] The foundation states:

Formed in 2002 with an initial endowment of $100 million, the Reuben Foundation is committed to the betterment of society in the UK and around the globe through focused charitable giving in the areas of education, health and the community.[2]


The Foundation mostly gives donations to non political causes. In 2012 these included the following grants of £20,000 or more:

ARK UK Programmes | British Film Institute | Great Ormond Street Hospital | Kristal Waters | Nancy Reuben Primary School| NSPCC | Racing Welfare | Team London | UCL Development Prize Lecture | William J Clinton Foundation[3]

It has also funded the Community Security Trust (0 in 2007; £50,000 in 2008; £25,000 in 2009; £25,000 in 2010; £25,000 in 2011; £25,000 in 2012)[4]



  • Lobbying and PR firm Luther Pendragon was retained by the Reuben brothers in 2014 for public affairs work

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