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Priority pages on Health

UK organisations
ABPI ( Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry | ACLM ( Association of Contact Lens Manufacturers | BAREMA ( British Anaesthetic & Respiratory Equipment Manufacturers Association | BDTA ( The British Dental Trade Association | BIA Scotland ( | BioIndustry Association ( | BIVDA ( British In Vitro Diagnostics Association | BHTA ( British Healthcare Trades Association | British Expertise ( Formerly the British Consultants and Construction Bureau | CBI ( Confederation of British Industry | EIA ( Engineering Industries Association | GAMBICA - ( | Intellect - (/ | MDIS ( Medical Devices in Scotland | OPTIC (UK) - ( | PAGB - ( Proprietary Association of Great Britain | SDMA - ( Surgical Dressing Manufacturers Association
European Trade Associations
ASSOBIOMEDICA ( The Italian Association for Biomedical & Diagnostic Technology | BVMed ( The German Medical Technology Association | EDANA ( European Disposables and Nonwovens Association | EDMA ( European Diagnostic Manufacturers Association | Eucomed ( Representative Body for the European Medical Technology and Devices Industry | Health First Europe ( An alliance of patients, healthcare workers, academics, experts and industry | IMDA ( Irish Medical Devices Association | LFH ( Leverandrrforeningen for Helsesktoren | NEFEMED ( Dutch Federation of Manufacturers, Importers and Distributors of Medical Products | SLF ( Swedish Association of Suppliers of Medical Devices | SNITEM ( French National Association for Medical Technology Industries | UNAMEC ( Belgian Association for Suppliers of Medical Equipment
International Trade Associations
AdvaMed ( Advanced Medical Technology Association (formerly HIMA) | AusBiotech ( Australia's Biotechnology Industry Organisation, covering the human health, agricultural, medical device, environmental and industrial sectors in biotechnology. | HIDA - ( Health Industry Distributors' Association | IMDA - ( Independent Medical Distributors Association | JAAME ( Japanese Association for the Advancement of Medical Equipment | MEDEC ( Medical Devices Canada | SAMED ( South African Medical Device Industry |
Medical devices
Advanced Medical Technology Association (AdvaMed), Stephen Ubl | Medical Device Manufacturers Association | Association of British Healthcare Industries | Healthcare Industries Task Force | Health Hotel | Medical Technology Group | Healthcare Industries Manifesto

Health and Health services Dr Foster | New Local Government Network | New Health Network | Capita | IPPR | NHS Partners Network (private healthcare providers lobby group)

Ghost writing/Medical comms

Current Medical Directions | Wolters Kluwer Health | ApotheCom Associates, LLC | Clinical CONNEXION | PHARMAcopy, Inc. | Web Site: Date Founded: 1999 Parent Company: Sudler & Hennessey Accredited Provider (Independent Medical Education): ACCME, ACRE, APA, ANCC COMPANY PROFILE The FCCJ Institute for Continuing Education (The Institute). LLC. a Sudler & Hennessey company, is an independent accredited provider of continuing education for physicians, nurses, pharmacists and psychologists. Sudler & Hennessey is a division of Young & Rubicam/WPP. one of the world's largest and most prestigious healthcare communications companies. | Discovery Health CME/Discovery Communications Inc./Discovery Institute of Medical Education | CME LLC | Acumentis is the former Medical Education Division of Health Answers Education LLC. a division of Sudler & Hennessey. In response to guidance from regulatory bodies that govern pharmaceutical industry funded education. Sudler & 1 Iennessey restructured HealthAnswers Education LLC. North Wales. Pennsylvania, into two separate and distinct companies HealthAnswers Education and Acumentis -in 2005. | CME2 is a wholly owned subsidiary of Advanstar Communications Inc. | Educational Awareness Solutions | Eurocom Healthcare, agency offering advertising, marketing and PR ...Eurocom Healthcare Communications Network is a dynamic international alliance of independent agencies offering global brand teams integrated communications ... | Galliard Healthcare Communications | Oyster Healthcare Communications | Healthcare Communications Association | Springer Healthcare Communications Established in January 2007, Springer Healthcare Communications (SHC) provides the full range of services required by the pharmaceutical, healthcare and ... 'Our experience within medical communications is reinforced by the relationship with our sister companies - BSMO (Business Solutions Medicine Online) and CMG (Current Medicine Group) which deliver specialised e-detailing/learning and medical education solutions.'[1]| Healthcare Communication Project | WPP Group companies: CommonHealth | Ogilvy Healthworld | Sudler & Hennessey | GHG | VantageMed Corporation

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