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Mark Huband is a former journalist who has moved into the work of corporate intelligence gathering. He was reportedly a 'co-founder of Livingstone & Company in 2008 which provides high-quality business intelligence and country research, with a primary focus on Africa and the Middle East.'[1]

From the Financial Times to Hakluyt

According to Intelligence Online, Mark Huband joined Hakluyt, the business intelligence agency, in the summer of 2006, after a long career in journalism in the United Kingdom - he worked for The Guardian, The Times and The Financial Times. Huband had long specialized in Africa and the Middle East, where he was based for years for the Times and Guardian (he was one of the few newsmen to cover the American intervention in Somalia in 1993). Since 2003 he had reported on defense, security and terrorism for the Financial Times. Huband, who left the newspaper last year, won't be the first journalist to work for Hakluyt, reports Intelligence Online. A number of former British and Australian newspaper and television correspondents are - or have been -on its payroll.[2]


Huband is the author of a chapter 'Radicalization and Recruitment in Europe: the UK Case', in Magnus Ranstorp (Ed.) Understanding Violent Radicalisation: Terrorist and Jihadist Movements in Europe London: Routledge.[3][4]