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Katy Eustice is a former journalist who is now a 'political campaigns consultant' working for the Australian campaign strategist Lynton Crosby's company CTIF.

In 2015-16 she acted as media director to British Conservative MP Zac Goldsmith in his failed 'BackZac' campaign to become mayor of London.

Eustice joined CrosbyTextor in 2014, having previously worked as a press and public affairs manager for Cluff Natural Resources (from 2013) and nearly three years as a senior parliamentary adviser at the House of Commons (2010-13) which included working for Charlie Elphicke although she does not name him in her LinkedIn profile. Before that Eustice spent nearly two years as campaign manager for the Conservative Party (March 2009-December 2010). [1]

Her LinkedIn profile states that:

I am currently in charge of devising and implementing political and media strategies to re-brand and re-position a number of clients and high profile figures. This involves using focussed research to shape objectives and in turn create targeted narratives.[2]

As a journalist Eustice worked for just over two years for the Daily Express.

She has been married to the Conservative MP and minister George Eustice since 2013.



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