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Ground Gas Solutions (GGS) is a UK environmental monitoring consultancy that is working on shale gas projects in the UK, among other projects. It describes itself as a 'specialised consultancy that has pioneered the use of continuous environmental monitoring techniques for the onshore petroleum sector'.


Environmental monitoring for Cuadrilla

Ground Gas Solutions works for Cuadrilla, the UK’s best-established hydraulic fracking firm. It provides environmental monitoring at Cuadrilla’s licensed sites around Blackpool.

Managing director Simon Talbot has says shale gas monitoring projects is an exciting new area of work for GGS. The work involves 'continuously monitoring soil gases and groundwater, with specialist sampling and lab testing to characterise the ground gases present at the site. There are a number of phases to each project, beginning with baseline monitoring to establish conditions at each site prior to shallow gas operations being carried out, and followed by continuous monitoring through into the operational drilling and hydraulic fracking phases.” [1]

Political access

Attendee at UK energy minister's May 2018 shale gas roundtable

Energy minister Claire Perry hosted a roundtable with the fracking industry in May 2018 just hours before she gave evidence to a committee of MPs on the Conservative government's proposed changes to relax the rules on shale gas development in the UK.

A 'reconstructed' attendee list was released under the freedom of information act to North Yorkshire resident Jonathan Bales following an internal review of the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy's initial almost completely redacted FOI response. [2]

Oil and gas companies at the roundtable included:

Other industries and organisations: Chemical Industries Association chemical company SABIC, Coalfield Regeneration Trust, Engineering Employers’ Federation, GMB. [3]