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The Franco-British Colloque is another elite networking event very much like the British American Project. It is also run by Nick Butler of BP.

Labour MP Sadiq Khan gives the following account of the meeting on 19 January 2006:

I also attended a Franco-British Colloque with leading French and British Politicians, Business people, academics and professionals. Speakers included George Osborne, the Chancellor Gordon Brown, the French Economic, Finance and Industry Minister Thierry Breton and Adair Turner (Chair of the Pensions Commission). Topics covered included "Europe beyond the constitutional debacle", "Islam; integration or alienation", "China and India; economic threat or opportunity for Europe" and "Energy; between security and environment". It was a fascinating conference with plenty of food for thought for both countries. [1]

Peter Mandelson notes:

I have participated for many years on a regular basis in the annual Anglo-German Konigswinter Conference, the Franco-British Colloque, the UK-Spanish Tertulias, the UK-Italian Pontignano and other similar events. I have spoken at numerous Conferences on the future of Europe. For example in the last twelve months, I participated in the Bertelsmann International Forum in Berlin, gave the Den Uyl Lecture in Amsterdam and spoke in Warsaw, Budapest, Madrid and Paris.[2]



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