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Welcome to the Foodspin Portal on Powerbase

Foodspin is a project dedicated to exposing and reporting on the spin and lobbying efforts of the food industry. It is part of Powerbase—your guide to networks of power, lobbying and deceptive PR.

We track the activities of food companies, front groups and PR agencies who put out misleading information about issues such as nutrition, obesity and the food supply chain.

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Obesity has already reached epidemic proportions in many Western countries. We ask whether organisations such as Association for the Study of Obesity and National Obesity Forum are playing a constructive role in the debate on obesity, or whether they simply promote the interests of companies with a stake in obesity-related policy. The portal looks at how obesity-related groups have often been funded by companies such as LighterLife, GlaxoSmithKline and Kelloggs.

Food front groups

Major players in the food industry have consistently acted collectively to influence public views of food to their advantage. Spending vast sums of money on advertising, the food industry also has created various front groups which, despite innocuous-sounding names, are little more than spokespeople for the industry. Groups such as the International Life Sciences Institute and the British Nutrition Foundation appear at first to be professional, neutral organisations. Such organisations are, however, little more than cleverly disguised industry-backed front groups promoting a one-sided agenda for industry. Claims of independence and neutrality amount to little more than window-dressing.


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