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Elbit Systems is an Israeli defence electronics company.[1]

Applegate allegations

Lobbying firm The Westminster Connection was named as part of a campaign to secure a £500 million contract for Israeli arms firm Elbit Systems by retired Lieutenant General Richard Applegate, who was targeted in a sting operation by Sunday Times journalists posing as representatives of a Korean drone manufacturer.[2] The Sunday Times reported:

He confided that he used Westminster Connection, a discreet lobbying firm with Israeli links, as a "firebreak" to ensure "that my fingerprints weren't over any of it". It could gain access to anyone "from the Prime Minister down". He said the firm, based in Victoria and co-owned by Scott Hamilton, a former Conservative staffer, had used its links with Conservative Friends of Israel (CFI) to persuade MPs in the Commons to assist him in his campaign.[2]

The Sunday Times named Douglas Carswell and Defence Select Committee chairman James Arbuthnot as MPs who raised questions related to the campaign.[2]


United States


  • Elbit Systems Electro-Optics - Elop Ltd. - wholly owned by Elbit Systems
  • Elbit Systems Land and C4I Ltd. - wholly owned by Elbit Systems
  • Elisra - 70 per cent owned by Elbit Systems
  • Tadiran Electronic Systems Ltd. (Tadiran Systems) - wholly owned by Elisra
  • Tadiran Spectralink Ltd. (Tadiran Spectralink) - wholly owned by Elisra
  • Elbit Systems – Cyclone Ltd. - wholly owned by Elbit Systems
  • Snunit Aviation Services Ltd
  • Elbit Security Systems Ltd. - wholly owned by Elbit Systems
  • Elbit Systems - Kinetics Ltd. (Kinetics) - wholly owned by Elbit Systems
  • Semi-Conductor Devices (SCD) - 50 per cent owned by Elbit Systems
  • Opgal – Optronics Industries Ltd. - owned 50.1 per cent by Elbit Systems[3]


  • Elbit Systems UK Limited - wholly owned by Elbit Systems.
  • UAV Tactical Systems Ltd. (U-TacS) - 51 per cent owned by Elbit Systems UK Limited[3]


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