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Donors Capital Fund masthead, Credit: Donors Capital Fund

Donors Capital Fund (DCF) is a non-profit Virginia-based donor advised charity that distributes grants to politically conservative and libertarian organisations.

Known as a right wing 'slush fund' , it enables wealthy donors to fund organisations anonymously. Founded in 1999, it is a 'supporting organisation' to sister organisation the Donors Trust.


Counterjihad network grants channelled through the trust



Middle East Forum

Much of this neoconservative and anti-Muslim think tank's income in recent years has been channelled through the Donors Capital Fund. In 2014 this totalled USD $1.95million. A smaller amount of $30,000 for the same year came via the affiliated Donors Trust. Our analysis of past donations to MEF indicates that recent big funders such as Sears Roebuck heiress Nina Rosenwald's Abstraction Fund, among others, is possibly now using DCF as a conduit. [2]

In total, MEF has received USD $10,365,000 of unspecified grants via the Donors Capital Fund according to the latest compiled filings on the Conservative Transparency . [3] An analysis by Rightweb shows that US $2,300,000 of this was given to the MEF between 2000-09.[4]

Clarion Fund

In 2008, the Clarion Fund received a grant of $17,778,600 from Donors Capital Fund, which also funded Security Research Associates, a group run by anti-Islam activist and radio host Tom Trento who assisted in the distribution of the Islamophobic film Obsession which was produced by Clarion.[5][6] The grant was nine times the income of the previous year (2007). [7]

Donors Trust

Gave $24,044.93 in 2014. [8]

Other grantees







Pro-fracking film

Donors Trust/ Donors Capital Fund - partially funded Fracknation film makers' first two films [14]







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