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Dispatch International (DI) is a publication, launched in 2012 and run by Lars Hedegaard, that serves as a mouthpiece of the counterjihad movement.[1] As well as a website, DI's founders aspired to publish a weekly print newspaper.


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DI was reportedly co-founded by Lars Hedegaard and his close associate Ingrid Carlqvist.[2]

Carlqvist's LinkedIn page states that she had been 'editor in chief' since 2012.[3]

Its launch was reportedly announced at Counterjihad Brussels 2012 conference and the following rationale rationale and statement of its aims provided:

We decided to call it Dispatch International because our vision is that this newspaper will become worldwide one day. But first we take Manhattan, then we take Berlin. Or rather – first we take Scandinavia and then we take the world![2]


An edition of the newspaper available online, published 30 August 2012, states that the publication will be published 'every Thursday in Danish, Swedish, English and German'. It carried articles from many counterjihad activists including Hans Jansen, Nidra Poller, Diana West and an article called 'Genocidal Multiculturalism' by the British Freedom Party's Paul Weston.[4]

The website has carried interviews with many counterjihad activists including Henrik Rönnquist[5] and Tommy Robinson.[6]

Pegida Sweden links

According to English language translations of Swedish press reports, DI supporters were involved in the first, poorly attended protest of Pegida Swerige, an attempt to start a movement similar to the PEGIDA protests seen in Germany.[7].


Key people

Lars Hedegaard - co-founder | Ingrid Carlqvist - co-founder and editor-in-chief | Nicolas Bredefeldt - 'art director'[4]

Notable contributors

Paul Weston | George Igler | Diana West | Nidra Poller | Hans Jansen[4] | Anne Marie Waters[8]

Other contributors with bylines

Roger Sahlstrom | Kim Moller | Ole Humlim | Birger Silfverstrohm | Ingeborg Olsson | Torben Mark Pederson | Tatjana Jensen | Jannich Kofoed | David Gress | Karin Bengtsdotter[4]



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