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Diana Davis Spencer Foundation, Credit: America Abroad Media

The Diana Davis Spencer Foundation is a private grant-making organisation. It claims to '[continue] a multi-generational history of family philanthropy'. It evolved from the Shelby Cullom Davis Foundation, established in 1962, and the Kathryn W. Davis Foundation, established in 2004. It is presided over and chaired by Diana Davis Spencer.

Their website explains what their founding values are:

'Our Founding Fathers enshrined freedom, limited government, and individual responsibility in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. They knew that these values would guide future generations to prosperity and happiness. Today, the growth of big government endangers these principles. Society increasingly depends on fiscally unsustainable entitlement and welfare programs. To guarantee their political, social, and economic freedoms, Americans must rediscover and apply their founding values. We’re helping them do so through our support to a variety of research, advocacy, and educational organizations.
For example, the Federalist Society for Law and Public Policy supports over 50,000 legal professionals committed to preserving constitutional government and the rule of law. One Generation Away develops educational projects to teach Americans of all ages about the Constitution and how it applies to modern issues. Liberty’s Promise instills our founding values in new immigrants and helps integrate them into American civic society.' [1]



Staff and Trustees


website: http://ddsfoundation.org


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