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Shelby Cullom Davis, Source: Value Walk

The Shelby Cullom Davis Foundation is a New York based foundation established in 1962. It does not appear to have issued any grants since 2010.

Its chairman and treasurer Shelby Cullom Davis was a former US ambassador to Switzerland (1969 – 1975) and at the time of his death in 1994 was chairman of At Shelby Cullom Davis & Company, a firm specialising in insurance securities that he founded in 1947 with $100,000.

He was also on the board of the Heritage Foundation. [1]



According to its IRS tax filings, the foundation's assets were transferred to two newly created foundations, the Shelby Cullom Davis Charitable Fund (64.8 percent, or $372,493) and the Kathryn W. Davis Foundation (subsequently renamed the "Diana Davis Spencer Foundation, Inc."; 34.9 percent, or $199,363), and its expenses allocated to the two new foundations as well.[3][4]


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