Dean Trench Street

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A street joining Tufton Street and Smith Square in London.

1 Dean Trench St
3 Dean Trench St
3 Dean Trench St
2 Dean Trench St(on the right), looking towards St John's Church in Smith Square
National Institute for Economic and Social Research, 2 Dean Trench st

Dennis Stevenson maintains what Gordon Prentice MP described as a 'lair' in Tufton street.[1] His son (Alexander Stevenson) runs a business called RSe Consulting from an office on the corner in 'Little Tufton House' 3 Dean Trench Street London SW1P 3HB3,[2] which is a tiny street linking Tufton Street to Smith Square. Stevenson himself runs his wittily titled consultancy Cloaca Maxima from here. Also in the street:


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