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The Coalition of Hasbara Volunteers (CoHaV) is an Israel advocacy umbrella organisation. The CoHaV website provides the following description:

The Coalition of Hasbara Volunteers, (CoHaV), is an international umbrella organization for the many volunteer Israel advocacy groups around the world. CoHaV promotes cooperation and networking between its group members, and provides a formidable, one-stop advocacy center for sharing source information, real-time media response, advocacy assistance, and coordination of local and international Israel advocacy and activism campaigns and projects.
CoHaV functions as a central hub where members exchange information and assistance on a wide range of Israel advocacy and activism issues. In addition, CoHaV provides a forum to discuss ideas about concerted response to media negativity about Israel, and to develop new Israel advocacy campaigns and projects. Members work together on coordinated campaigns, as well as independently, thereby retaining each member's autonomy and specific purpose, outlook and goals.
Formed in March 2003, under the leadership of Candy Shinaar, CoHaV now has a wide network of grassroots Israel advocacy groups, effectively coordinating the efforts of several thousand activists in Israel, Europe, the UK, Australia, the Americas, and South Africa.[1]

An extensive list of CoHaV supporters can be found on their website.[1]


Avi Lehrer [2] | Stuart Palmer[3]


Action Groups






Buycott Israel | Canadian Council for Israel and Jewish Advocacy | Honest Reporting--Canada | Media Action Group | The Speakers Action Group[4]


Radio Free Finland | T.A.P.[4]



Bahamas | CFRI: Christliche Freunde Israels | Hagalil | Honestly Concerned | Juedische Allgemeine[4]



Multi Lingual




ALondon | BBC Watch | Beyond Images | BICOM: British Israel Communications and Research | Bournemouth Action for Israel | Christian Friends of Israel UK | CNBC | Confederation of Friends of Israel in Scotland | Edinburgh Friends of Israel | Glasgow Friends of Israel | Israel Britain Alliance | Israeli Embassy | Jewish Comment | Leeds Zionist Council | Lloyd James | Manchester Zionist Council | RRR (Rapid Response Ring) | Rufus Greenbaum | Scottish Friends of Israel | Stand with Us UK | Sussex Friends of Israel | UK Lawyers for Israel | We Believe in Israel | Young Zionist Federation of Great Britain[4]


Boston Israel Action Committee | Boycott Watch | CAMERA | CNBC | Eye on the Post | FLAME: Facts and Logic about the Middle East | Foundation for Middle East Peace | FuelForTruth | Honest Reporting | Informing Science | Israel 21C | Israel Action Network from the Jewish Federations | Israel Info Table | Israel Forever Foundation | J'Accuse: Demanding Equal Standards for Israel and its Supporters | JAT: Jewish Action Taskforce | Jewish Federation of Pinellas and Pasco County | Join the Boycott | Laura Goldman | Librarians for Fairness | Myths and Facts Answers Topical Questions | PRIMER (Promoting Responsibility in Middle East Reporting) | Santa Fe Middle East Watch | Stand with Us | Standing With Israel | Step up for Israel | Tampa Bay Primer | The David Project | The Israel Project | To Protect our Heritage PAC | Untold News[4]

Campus Groups

Allies of Israel | Ambassadors Online | Amcha Initiative | CampusWatch | Dafka | Hasbara Fellowships | Israel at Heart | Israel on Campus Coalition | | New Voices | Scholars for Peace in the Middle East | StandWithUs Campus | Stand with Us Israel | Students Supporting Israel | World Union of Jewish Students[5]

Christian Groups

AGS -- Romanian, Russian, Spanish Anglican Friends of Israel | Breaking Israel News | Bridges for Peace | Christian Friends of Israel | Christian Friends of Israel - Germany | Christian Friends of Israel UK | Christian Friends of Israeli Communities | Christians for Israel | Christians for Zion | Christians United for Israel | Emet News Service | Episcopal-Jewish Alliance for Israel | European Coalition for Israel | Gordon Robertson's Made in Israel video series | The Hope 1948 -- videos from the Christian Broadcasting Network | ICEJ: International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem | Israel365 | Israel My Beloved | Israel Today | Jerusalem Vistas - German | National Unity Coalition for Israel | We Believe in Israel [6]

Muslim supporters

Special Interest Groups

Israel Law Center: Shurat HaDin | Jewish Refugees from Arab Countries | Koby Mandell Foundation | NGO Monitor[8]

Zionist Groups

American Zionist Movement | Institute for Zionist Strategies | Jewish Agency for Israel | South African Zionist Federation | Zionist Federation of Great Britain and Northern Ireland | World Jewish Congress Online | Zionist Federation of Australia | Zionist Federation of New Zealand | Zionist Organization of America[9]


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