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Avi Lehrer is the founder of the pro-Israel advocacy organisation the British Israel Group (BIG).[1] Lehrer was born in London in 1947 but emigrated to Israel in 1997.[1] He studied law at London University and is now a member of the Israel Bar.[1] According to his homepage he was active in radical politics whilst a student.[1] In 1967 he went to Israel 'to volunteer' (it is unclear in what capacity).[1] From 1965 onwards he was a committee member of the Universities Committee for Soviet Jewry.[1] Lehrer co-directed and co-produced a documentary on the state of the Yiddish language in Israel.[1] He paints and maintains a website displaying his artworks.[1]

In 2002, responding to an article in The Guardian comparing Israel with apartheid South Africa, Lehrer claimed that peace in the Middle East does not depend upon the actions of Israel and withdrawal from the occupied territories, but rather upon the end of supposed Arab rejectionism. [2]

In a letter to The Independent published in July 2014 Lehrer criticised Robert Fisk's description of Israel having been founded on the dispossession of Arab land.[3]

Lehrer's page on LinkedIn lists membership of a group called 'Israeli Anglo Network' and another named Coalition of Hasbara Volunteers ('Hasbara' is an Israeli term for 'public diplomacy').[4]



Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/avi.lehrer?fref=ts


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