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The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Parents and Families was set up with the purpose of providing 'impartial, informed and progressive debate on the key issues facing parents and families across the United Kingdom.'[1]

The APPGPF is made up of influential peers and members of parliament and uses meetings and evidence sessions, hearing from politicians, academics, industry, and the third sector to contribute to the big debates,issues and topic areas that affect parents and families on a countrywide basis.[2]


September 2015 - April 2016

Program for 2015

Here are a few of the issues that group meetings and inquiries have and will cover in the year to come:

  • Family Friendly Britain
  • The Changing Role of Fathers
  • Parenting and Social Mobility (With the APPG on Social Mobility)

Children from disadvantaged families

This meeting will looks at what can be done to improve the life chances of children from disadvantaged families, looking specifically at:

In the absence of parental leadership, how children can be taught social skills and build character. The role of schools and extra-curricular groups in providing guidance and support to children in challenging family circumstances.

Maintaining a Sense of Adventure

This meeting will look at the growing trend for indoor and computer-based activities and the effect this is having on children. Specifically, this session will look at:

  • The importance of outdoor play in child development
  • The role of organised extra-curricular groups
  • Threats to outdoor spaces and possible remedies
  • Government initiatives to promote outdoor activities

Prisoners’ Families

This meeting will look at the issue of prisoners and the relationships with their families. This session will take in:

  • The maintenance of family ties and relationships during a period of incarceration
  • The reintegration of family members following a prison spell and the impact on family cohesion
  • The impact on children of parental absence and penal system experience
  • Government support for families of prisoners during and after incarceration [2]


The Family and Childcare Trust act as the group's secretariat, coordinating meetings and the groups annual work program.


In July 2015, The Family and Childcare Trust had paid (in bands of £1,500) £1,501-£3,000 in benefits to the APPGPF. [1] [5]


They can be contacted through Oliver Diss, representative of The Family and Childcare Trust.

Address:The Bridge, 81 Southwark Bridge Road, London SE1 0NQ

Tel: 020 7940 7536

Email: [1]


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