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Abhijit Pandya is a British solicitor who stood as a UK Independence Party candidate at the 2010 general election for Harrow East, and in a Leicester South byelection in 2011. He was UKIP's head of research in 2011 but resigned from the party in 2012 and has since criticised its leader Nigel Farage, whose 'methods I deplore'. [1]

Pandya has been named by anti-Islam blogger Pamela Geller as 'one of our British solicitors' who assisted legal actions against British home secretary Theresa May who banned Geller and colleague Robert Spencer from entering the UK in June 2013.

He is listed as one of the UK Daily Mail's 'Rightmind Bloggers', though does not appear to have written for them since 2012. He also runs his own blog, in which he sets out his modus operandi as a 'campaigner for free-speech, moral decency, a sense of national duty and love of Britain, for free-markets both domestically and globally, low-taxes, and the destruction of the idea of a federal EU'. [2]


According to his Daily Mail blogger biography, Pandya is a former lecturer in the Law Department of Durham University and a teaching fellow at the London School of Economics. In 2012 he was the executive director of the Centre for Democratic Studies.


Pandya sparked outrage over a blog he wrote just a week before the 2011 by-election, in which he quoted and backed controversial Dutch politician Geert Wilders, who has described Islam as 'a retarded ideology'.[3]

A Leicester Mercury editorial condemned Pandya’s blog as

a wildly inflammatory rant which boiled down to a crass and nasty characterisation of Muslims as lazy, intolerant spongers who are a threat to the British way of life. It was not part of a reasoned debate about multiculturalism, but a series of sweeping, unsubstantiated generalisations which demonise the Muslim community.[3]


  • Birkenhead Society (now Discourse UK, a libertarian 'freedom of speech' debating society which successfully 'overturned the Labour Home Secretary Jacqui’ Smith’s Ban on the Dutch MP Geert Wilders speaking in Parliament on the subject of multiculturalism and Islam'. [4]


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