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Hydra Associates was a media consultancy firm providing strategic advice to media and entertainment companies. The company was founded in 1987 by John Cummins and was based in the West end of London[1]. Hydra Associates shared an office with SRU Ltd, the media company co-founded by Peter York (Peter Wallis) and Dennis Stevenson[2][3]. Hydra operated as strategy consultants for high profile media companies like BT and the BBC[4]. Broadcaster Peter Wallis was chairman of the company from 1987-1999[5]. Blairite former Labour MP James Purnell worked for Hydra Associates between 1992-1994[6].

Scotland on Screen

Hydra Associates published the report "Scotland on Screen: the Development of the Film and Television Industry in Scotland". It was published on 18 April 1996, at a cost of £125,000[7].


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Former associates


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Hydra Associates Ltd
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