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After graduating from Oxford, Rodney Baker-Bates qualified as a chartered accountant. His employment history includes: senior positions at Arthur Anderson; Assistant General Manager and subsequently Manager of the European, Middle East and Africa Areas Shipping Division at Chase Manhattan Bank; Group Finance Director of Orian Bank; Director of Prudential Assurance Co. and several executive posts at Midland Bank becoming successively Deputy Chief Executive of UK Banking, Managing Director of UK Banking and Group Financial Control Director. In 1993 he moved to the BBC where he was the Executive Committee Director responsible for both Finance and Information Technology.

Currently Rodney has a portfolio of directorships. He is chairman of the executive managing partners of C. Hoare & Co; chairman of the publicly quoted Westbury Property Fund; chairman of Burns e-commerce solutions and chairman of EG Consultancy Ltd.. He is a non-executive director of Lloyds Register of Shipping; and of Bedlam Asset Management Ltd and a council member of The Royal National Pension Fund for Nurses. He is also a trustee of Dolphin Square and a director of The City Arts Trust.

Previously Rodney has been chairman of Hydra Associates Ltd (1999-2000), sold to Hawkpoint Patners; chairman of The Change Partnership (1998-2001) sold to Whitehead Mann plc;chairman of CoralEurobet plc (1999-2002), sold to Charterhouse Venture Capital Partners; chairman of Zenith Entertainment Ltd (2001-2003), sold to Proven through a management buyout; a non-executive director of the Aspen Group plc (1997-1999), taken private by 3i's, and of Dexia Municipal Bank plc (1997-2001). He is a retired member of Terra Consilia, an advisory board to Terra Firma Capital Partners (previously Nomura Principal Finance Group).[1]


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