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The Jewish Chronicle reports:

Gerald Ronson has a deserved reputation for making things happen and refusing to be cowed by adversity. He rebuilt his Heron property empire from the brink of collapse and restored his standing in the Jewish and business worlds after being jailed for his part in the Guinness shares scandal. Age has not diminished his commitment to commercial and charitable endeavours. The 68-year-old says he works “an 80- or 90-hour week”, 20 per cent devoted to philanthropic activity. Pet projects are the Community Security Trust and the cross-communal Jewish Community Secondary School planned in East Barnet. He believes that JCoSS will be crucial to re-engaging those “who otherwise will be lost to our community”.[1]


In his memoir Leading from the Front, Ronson stated:

Anti-Semitic rhetoric has changed to fit modern sensibilities, with the word 'Zionist' having largely replaced the word 'Jew' in extremist propaganda. But the objectives remain the same - the desecration of Jewish cemeteries and synagogues and the abuse of Jews in the streets and in their homes. Anti-Semitism is also a social indicator, an early warning sign of tension, extremism and division within our society, and that affects everyone, non-Jews included. the universal lesson of anti-Semitism is clear - it starts against Jews but never ends there.[2]
The problem is further complicated because the left, which used to be supportive of Israel in the early days, now sees Israel as the aggressor and has become pro-Palestinian, which in turn has become pro-Islamic and in many ways is looking to justify Islamic fundamentalism. the extreme right has always been anti-Semitic, but somewhere in between there is latent anti-Semitism, which you find in places you least expect it, such as people you have grown to like and respect. almost out of the blue you hear them say things like, that's the Jews fault, because if you didn't have Israel, we wouldn't be paying unbelievable prices for a barrel for oil, or losing soldiers in Iraq. Even though Iraq has nothing to do with Israel. It's easy to throw the Jews in the pot.[3]
Most recently, and possibly most dangerous of all, there is the rise of Muslim fundamentalism being stuffed down people's throats in mosques and schools.[4]


BICOM | Community Security Trust | Jewish Leadership Council, member of Council[5] | Gerald Ronson Family Foundation - Chair of Trustees | 62 Group | JACOB | Group Relations Educational Trust | Netanyahu's Millionaires | The Holocaust Memorial Charitable Trust, appointed 30 January 2019[6]

Relationship with Chabad Lubavitch

According to Chabad:

Guests of Honour were Gerald M Ronson CBE and Dame Gail Ronson. Forty years ago they helped establish the first purpose-built Lubavitch school in Stamford Hill. Today, the alumni of this school are doing vital work within and across the community and offering their well-known unconditional support to anyone who needs it. A presentation was made to Gerald and Dame Gail by long time friend of Chabad Lubavitch, Harvey Rosenblatt. Gerald Ronson then spoke and thanked Chabad for the honour before explaining how his relationship with Chabad began.[7]


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