Netanyahu's Millionaires

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Copy of the potential donors list published by Yedioth Ahronoth with Netanyahu's jottings on the right

On 22 October 2010, the Israeli daily Yedioth Ahronoth published a list of potential major donors prepared by by the Benjamin Netanyahu campaign during the 2007 election campaign. The list includes names of foreign and local donors on the left hand side, and a reordered list on the right in Netanyahu's own handwriting. It includes many names who are also major contributors to both parties in the US, some 'extreme rightists, people who got in trouble with law.' The paper also reports that about 98% of Netanyahu's funds come from abroad.[1]

Original Order

  1. Sheldon Adelson
  2. Ronald Perelman
  3. Stephen Wynn
  4. Ronald Lauder
  5. Tamir Sapir

The names also include: Nasser Khalili | Rupert Murdoch | Sumner Redstone | Samuel Zell | Moshe Gertner | Zak Gertler | David Geffen | Donald Trump | Haim Saban | Mortimer Zuckerman | Gerald Ronson | Vincent Tchenguiz | Arnon Milchan | Carl Icahn | David Geffen | Donald Trump | Edgar Bronfman | Eli Broad | Henry Kravis | Ira Rennert | Joseph Safra | Lily Safra | Moise Safra | Kenneth Abramowitz | Leonard Blavatnik | Leonard Lauder | Leslie Wexner | Micky Arison | Steven Ballmer | Tony Gelbart

Netanyahu's additions

  1. Moti Ganz
  2. Poju Zabludowicz
  3. Motti Zisser

Except for the following, the rest of the names are illegible:

Joshua Rowe | Michael Sinclair | Michael Segal | Jay Schottenstein | Don Soderquist | Zeev Wolfson | James Tisch | Eyal Ofer | Gerald Ronson | Yehuda Weingarten | Jackie Schimmel | Manny Weiss | Walter Soriano

Interestingly, the list does not mention one of Netanyahu's major funders, Irving Moskowitz.


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