77th Brigade

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  • General Nick Carter in 2012, he was appointed “Honorary Colonel Commandant” in the British army’s “Media Operations Group” – one of the four units which were merged to form the 77th Brigade in 2015, which was called its ‘Number 5 Column’.[1]
  • Alex Aiken In 2019 he was promoted in the Army Reserve to 'Honorary Colonel Operational Media and Communications Group 77 Brigade 1 November 2019.[2]
  • Gordon MacMillan in September 2019 senior the Twitter staffer was exposed by Middle East Eye as a lieutenant in the Brigade. [3]
  • Mark Lancaster (the unit’s Deputy Commander), former Conservative MP and armed forces minister.[4]
  • Tobias Ellwood Conservative MP and chair of the House of Commons defence committee (a Lieutenant Colonel in the unit).[5]

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