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Yoram (Jerry) Wind

Yoram Wind, aka Jerry Wind, is a Israeli born marketing expert based at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsyvania in the United States. He is one of the founders of IDC Herzliya, a private college in Israel with strong connections to the country's military and intelligence.

Marketing Consultant

According to his CV Wind 'has served as an advisor to many Fortune 500 firms and a number of non-U.S. multinationals in the financial services, pharmaceuticals, information, and consumer packaged goods industries'. He is a regular advisor to the US investment firm SEI which funds his management school, and also refers in his 73 page CV to dozens of other corporate advisory roles and professional associations.

IDC Herzliya

According to IDC promotional material Wind 'played a major part in defining its vision, objectives and philosophy' and 'played a great part in developing the IDC Herzliya Friends Association in the USA.' [1] According to his CV he co-founded IDC in 1994 and the American Friends of IDC in 1998 and served as its President until 2002. [2] Wind chaired the promotion and appointment committee at IDC for the first 13 years and has since chaired the higher academic committee. He also established exchange programs with the Wharton School where he teaches. Wind Avenue on IDC's campus is named after Yoram Wind. [3]


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