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American Friends of IDC is a not-for-profit Foundation based in New York. It is the US fund raising arm of the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya - a private university in Israel with close links to Israeli intelligence and high-tech industry.

Origins and History

According to IDC promotional material the marketing expert and academic Yoram Wind 'played a great part in developing the IDC Herzliya Friends Association in the USA.' [1] According to his CV Wind co-founded IDC in 1994 and the American Friends of IDC in 1998 and served as its President until 2002. [2]


According to accounts filed with the IRS, the Foundation received a total of $28,999,497 between 1998 and 2006 in 'gifts, grants and contributions'. The size of these donations increased substantially during that period, from $989,333 in 1999 to $10,296,706 in 2006. [3] US Foundations known to have donated to American Friends of IDC. include the Chais Family Foundation, The Klarman Family Foundation, the Russell Berrie Foundation, the Somekh Family Foundation and The Zilkha Foundation.

The Adelson Family Foundation donated $2.5 million to the American Friends of IDC in 2013, with a further $17.5 million approved for disbursal during the year.[4]

It received $5,000 from the Abstraction Fund in 2014. [5]


According to the organisation's 2007 accounts, it only full time executive is its Executive Director Felicia Steingard. The other executives are not remunerated and work an average of one hour a week. They include its President, the American billionaire Samuel Zell, the Treasurer Shimon Topor, the Secretary Mark Gerson, and the following board members: Stanley Chais, Jonathan Leitersdorf, Gideon Argov, Rebecca Belldegrun, Orit Gadiesh, Ronald Lauder, Gil Tenzer, Eyal Ofer, Michael Recanati, Lynn Schusterman, Paul Stern, Yoram Wind, Joey Low, Gary Heiman, David Levy, Stewart Resnick, Sheldon Adelson, Netta Korin, and Gerald Cramer. [6]


Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya
UK Friends of IDC



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