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Will de Peyer is the co-founder of lobbyists Tendo Consulting and a former special adviser to the chief secretary of the treasury Danny Alexander.[1]


De Peyer has a background in banking. He has been a Liberal Democrats economic adviser for several years and has previously spoken out in favour of inheritance tax - contradicting Conservative policy - and has opposed Conservative tax breaks for married couples.[2]

Low-key and said by colleagues to be a “good listener who doesn’t try to dominate meetings”, De Peyer started working for the Lib Dems in 2004, staying until 2007 when he left to take a job in banking. He returned to the party in 2009, advising Vince Cable, Lord Oakeshott and Lord Newby on economic policy. Until the 2010 election he wasn’t shy of attacking the Conservative Party: he once tweeted “I’ve never voted Tory,” following this up with “and I never will because they kill kittens (allegedly)”. His Twitter feed is now defunct.

De Peyer worked with Danny Alexander in the Treasury from 2010 to 2015.


De Peyer had a number of jobs before working as a special adviser. He worked as a rates manager at Standard Bank Group from 2007 to 2009, and before this as treasury adviser for the Liberal Democrats. De Peyer was a product control analyst at Rabobank the treasury P&L analyst at Citi and the treasury officer at QBE European Operations.[3]

Move to lobbying

After Danny Alexander lost his seat and the Lib Dems lost their place in government, de Peyer and another former spad to Alexander, Peter Carroll, founded Tendo Consulting. Tendo are a lobbying firm who advise 'big businesses on improving their contacts within the Westminster bubble'.[4]

Due to de Peyer and Carroll's previous positions, Tendo had to be approved by the Advisory Committee on Business Appointments. Both men were given the advice that they were not to 'draw on privileged information available to [them] as a crown servant', 'for two years from his last day of service, he should not become personally involved in lobbying the UK Government on behalf of his new company or its clients' and 'for two years from his last day of service he must seek confirmation from the committee directly that each individual commission is permissible under the terms of his consultancy before taking it up.[5] [6]

In October 2015, de Payer sought the advice of ACOBA regarding taking on two commissions with TSB Bank and Tax Incentivised Savings Association, and two further commissions in January 2016 with McBee Strategic and National Defence Medal Campaign. He sought the advice jointly with Peter Carroll, his colleague at Tendo Consulting. The committee advised that these commissions were permissible under the terms of the consultancy. [7]

De Payer also sought joint advice with Carroll regarding a drugs reform campaign to be run by Tendo Consulting. On the grounds that the campaign would not involve direct lobbying of government and that he had not been involved with the relevant policy area during his time in government, Tendo was permitted to take up the campaign in February 2016. [7]

In April 2016, ACOBA advised that both de Peyer and Carroll were permitted to deliver a short presentation to the Association of British Insurers (ABI) on campaign techniques. Given that the presentation was based on Carroll's campaign experience before entering crown service, the committee allowed it to proceed under the terms of de Peyer's original consultancy. [7]

Contact, Resources, Notes


Twitter: http://twitter.com/willdepeyer (no postings since May 2010)


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