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Will Marshall is President of the Progressive Policy Institute and cofounder of the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC). According to Rightweb 'has been a leading figure in the effort to push the Democratic Party toward aggressive foreign policy, in particular in the "war on terror."'[1]

In December, Mr. Marshall, who calls Schlesinger "an inspiration," hosted a quiet gathering of like-minded journalists and intellectuals at the Washington, D.C., offices of the institute. Mr. Marshall brought together Wellesley College professor Thomas Cushman, William Galston of the Brookings Institution, writer Peter Beinart, Leon Wieseltier of the New Republic, author Fred Siegel, Michael Allen of the National Endowment for Democracy along with Gary Kent, a Labor politician from Britain, among others, to find a way to concentrate liberals against terror.
Today's Web-oriented culture has made it difficult for these ideological warriors to gain traction. The force of anti-war blogs, such as the DailyKos, which targets liberals like Christopher Hitchens, who take the fight against jihadis seriously, is pervasive. Mr. Marshall has hope that the excesses of a presidential primary campaign will give way to the reasoned decisions of a general election. "In the general election, the discussion will have to turn to the Jihadist threat because it's not going away," Mr. Marshall says. "Elected officials have to represent real voters not the wrathful minions of cyberspace."[2]





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