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The Westminster Policy Institute is a consultancy based in London, set up by former special adviser to David Cameron, Sean Worth in October 2014.

It was described as a cross between a "think-tank and a research institute" in PR Week.[1]

What they do

Westminster Policy Institute claim they can help 'clients engage with policymakers on the issues critical to their success.'[2] They also offer clients 'reputation management' and 'political insight'.

The firm is “aimed at providing decision-makers with independent thinking and evidence-based research in the run-up to the 2015 general election.” [3]


  • Matthew Oakley. Former Treasury economist appointed September 2015 to run WPI consultancy spin-off


  • After leaving his role as head of communication at think tank Policy Exchange, Nick Faith agreed WPI would provide PE with communication support.[10]
  • Conservative campaign group Renewal appointed WPI to handle its communications in May 2015, after the general election. Renewal were founded by Weber Shandwick lobbyist David Skelton in 2013, and aim to extend the Tories' appeal to working class voters, especially in the north of England.[11]


Email: info@westminsterpolicy.com
Website: http://www.westminsterpolicy.com/


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