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The Westminster Connection (renamed TWC Associates) is "a strategic political management consultancy advising UK companies." Scott Hamilton and Stuart Polak are partners in the company according to the website of Shmuel Ben-Tovim's consultancy firm.[1] Hamilton and Polak are also partners with Ben-Tovim in lobbying firm Kesher Strategy.[1]

Company data for The Westminster Connection at, lists two other companies under director information; Crebham Limited, of which Hamilton is a director along with David Creber; and Markham Services Limited of which Stuart and Charlotte Polak are directors.[2]

Applegate allegations

The firm was named as part of a campaign to secure a £500 million contract for Israeli arms firm Elbit Systems by retired Lieutenant General Richard Applegate when he was targeted in a sting operation by Sunday Times journalists posing as representatives of a Korean drone manufacturer.[3] The Sunday Times reported:

He confided that he used Westminster Connection, a discreet lobbying firm with Israeli links, as a "firebreak" to ensure "that my fingerprints weren't over any of it". It could gain access to anyone "from the Prime Minister down". He said the firm, based in Victoria and co-owned by Scott Hamilton, a former Conservative staffer, had used its links with Conservative Friends of Israel (CFI) to persuade MPs in the Commons to assist him in his campaign.[3]

The Sunday Times named Douglas Carswell and Defence Select Committee chairman James Arbuthnot as MPs who raised questions related to the campaign.[3]

Recruiting ex-politician

After losing her seat in the 2017 UK general election, former Labour politician Natascha Engel was appointed to TWS's advisory board. [4]


Address: 83 Victoria Street London SW1H 0HW[5]


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