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Jonathan Evans on the Terror Threat

Speech given in September 2010. Notable excerpts:

On Northern Ireland: “…this year we have seen over thirty attacks or attempted attacks by dissident Republicans on national security targets compared to just over twenty for the whole of last year.”

On AQ Terrorism he said: “I don't want to give a number for those of current security interest as that has sometimes been used in the past as a kind of metric for the severity of the threat.”

On the North-West Ten plot: “Operation Pathway, the disruption of an Al Qaida cell in North West England 18 months ago, is a good example of a necessarily early intervention where criminal charges could not eventually be sustained.”

On frequency of AQ terrorist plots: “The fact that there are real plots uncovered on a fairly regular basis demonstrates that there is a persistent intent on the part of Al Qaida and its associates to attack the UK.”

On the place where the threat emanates from: “The percentage of the priority plots and leads we see in the UK linked to Al Qaida in the tribal areas of Pakistan, where Al Qaida senior leadership is still based, has dropped from around 75% two or three years ago to around 50% now. This does not mean that the overall threat has reduced but that it has diversified … the reduction [in the Tribal areas of Pakistan] is also partly a result of increased activity elsewhere.”

On monitoring people related to terrorism: “Experience has shown that it is very rarely the case that anyone who has been closely involved with terrorist-related activity can be safely taken off our list of potentially dangerous individuals; the tail of intelligence "aftercare" gets increasingly lengthy.”

Full Speech

  1. Both Flint and Wright are members of Labour Friends of Israel, which does not suggest a neutral role in dealing with 'muslim' issues.