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Thomas Docherty
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Thomas Docherty is a former communications consultant and Labour Party MP for Dunfermline and West Fife from May 2010 to May 2015.[1][2]He has also previously worked for Network Rail, BNFL and as a research assistant to Scott Barrie, the former MSP for Dunfermline West. [3]

He is PPS to Angela Eagle MP, Shadow Leader of the House.[3]

Previously on shortlist for Sellafield constituency

In early 2005, Docherty was part of an "all-PR" shortlist to become Labour candidate for the constituency of Copeland, which includes BNFL's Sellafield plant. The constituency was previously held by Jack Cunningham, a longstanding advocate of nuclear power. The other people on the shortlist were:

Reed was selected, and held the seat for Labour. Reporting the story shortly after the election, PR Week wryly observed: "What this can mean for the re-elected Labour government's commitment to pump billions into a raft of new nuclear power stations, we couldn't possibly say."[5]

However another of the PR men on the shortlist, Stuart Bruce, seemed quite clear about the significance of Reed's electoral success. A few days after the election, he wrote: "One of the challenges facing Jamie will be to help push the government into an essential replacement programme for our nuclear power stations. Good luck."[6]

Civil nuclear industry Scottish Cross-Party Group role

Docherty used to represent the UKAEA on the Scottish Parliament's Civil Nuclear Industry CPG, according to the CPG's website.[7] After the Scottish Sunday Herald started researching the links between the CPG and lobbyists, Docherty's name was removed from the site.[8][9]

Meeting with Defence Minister on Rosyth

In July 2013 Docherty secured a meeting with Philip Dunne MP, the MoD Minister for Defence Equipment on the future of the seven nuclear submarines currently based at Rosyth. This followed an intervention during a Westminster Hall debate on 10 July. Docherty explained that:

This meeting is part of dialogue that is taking place between all the stakeholders; the local community, Babcock, the MoD and myself to make sure that the right decisions are taken, driven by the safety case. I hope that the MoD will be able to update me on their progress so that the safest method of dismantling the submarines can take place.[10]


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