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The New Criterion masthead, Credit: New Criterion

The New Criterion (TNC) is a monthly magazine devoted to covering cultural issues; it was founded in 1982; circulation: 6,000. Described as: "The magazine is known for an artistic classicism and political conservatism that is rare among other publications of its type"[1]. A list of TNC's contributors.

TNC devotes significant space to pieces by leading neocons, e.g., Rachel Ehrenfeld, Brooke Goldstein, Steven Emerson, Frank J. Gaffney, Jr., Robert H. Bork, Daniel Kornstein, Robert Spencer, Mark Steyn, etc. Although portraying and criticising cultural issues, TNC also serves as a platform for discussing pet neocon topics, e.g., libel actions against neocon writers, the purported threat to freedom of speech in "the age of Jihad"[2], or how "tenured radicals" are corrupting US academia[3].

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